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ABC Lumbar Support w/Dbl Side Pull [AB2]

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Product Description

The ABC Lumbar Support with Double Side Pulls™ is designed to support your back. It is designed to help with low back pain. This proudct has a 9" wide elastic waist band for support. It includes two 4" wide, adjustable side pulls that are used for additional support. The pulls can overlap in front to increase intrabdonminal support. It is made with a 1/8" latex-free neoprene, nylon on boths side, pocket. This pocket is used to insert an optional neoprene insert with 1/4" pad or a heat moldable insert.

This product has variations which include A (1) 3/16" latex-free neoprene insert with 1/4" pad sewn into insert (N) (2) Heat Moldable insert (H)

Product Application

Maybe used post-operatively to help reduce facet syndrome, muscle spasms and preventative measures.

Suggested HCPCS for Insurance Billing

Suggested HCPCS Code: L0621- American Brace Company assumes no liability in the use of these codes. These codes are being provided as a convenience to our customers who wish to make a claim for possible reimbursement for the costs of this and other braces.

Colors Available

This brace is ready to ship in Black only. Other colors not currently available.

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Measure around Waist for proper size selection.Available for children and adults.

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