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ABC Shoulder Brace [ASB1]

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Product Description

The ABC Shoulder Brace is designed to limit movement of the shoulder. The brace is designed from 1/8" plush neoprene. The brace can be customized to suit the users' needs - as a sling for rehabilitation or for post-operative treatment.

  • Comes with two (2) 1" x 3" hook straps originating at the bicep area and attached to the body of the brace.Two additional straps and fabric hooks are included for additional support.
  • Fits right or left shoulder.
  • Designed for males as well as females.

Insurance Billing Information

Suggested HCFA Code: L3675


For proper fit measure the circumference of the chest. Also, provide in the notes at check out the dimension of the circumference of the shoulders. That is, with your arms at your sides, provide the circumference around your arms and chest.

Brace Features