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ABC Ankle Support Sleeve [AA2]

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The ABC Ankle Support Sleeve™ is designed to help reduce swelling and increase circulation while providing very mild support. The sleeve is made of 1/8" Neoprene which helps to increase warmth and thus circulation. The natural construction and design of neoprene provides support and compression but is not constrictive, and thus does not interfere with bloodf low. Thus, this support helps to reduce edima (swelling) in the ankle joint. A zipper is stitched into the side of the support to allow the user to easily put on and take off the support.

Materials Available

This support is available in ABC Cooltech™ material or standard neoprene.

Sizes and Colors Available

Available in children and adult sizes, in a variety of colors. Standard color is black.

Suggested Insurance Billing Code

Suggested HCFA Code: L1906

Custom Zipper Location

the zippers locations are as follows: (1)Left Left - Inside of Leg (2) Right Leg - Outside of Leg.

If you wish to have zippers on the inside of the ankles then please add the Zipper Product to your basket after you select the products here. Select this link (ZIP-C) to select zipper locations product to add to your shopping cart. The cost is $20.00 per brace

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